The Society of CIC Honors 30 Year Member Andrew R. Smale

The Society of Certified Counselors (CIC) recently recognized Andrew R. Smale, CIC of Smale Stover Insurance, Sellersville, PA., with a certificate honoring his 30 years of faithful participation in advanced education, making history amongst the first group of CICs to reach this 30 year milestone. Andy Smale earned the designation through a series of examinations and has maintained his CIC designation by annual attendance at approved CIC continuing education programs.

“The professional dedication and commitment represented by Andy Smale sets the standard within our industry,” said Dr. William T. Hold, CIC, CPCU, CLU, President of the Society of CIC.

This 30-year accomplishment signifies a career of active involvement in advanced education. Andy Smale’s emphasis on professional development positively reflects on the insurance professional as a whole.

The Society of CIC is a member of the The National Alliance for Insurance Education and Research.